Student with a 22-inch waist who wants to be known as the `British Barbie` says looks are RUINING her love life


She may not be blonde but Hannah Gregory, 22, from Skegby, Nottinghamshire, boasts the same seemingly impossible body proportions and perfectly symmetrical facial features as a Barbie doll.

She has a tiny 22-inch waist and wears contact lenses that mimic the wide-eyed doll's glassy stare.

However, the Sheffield University student claims she is regularly criticised by passers-by in the street and can't find a man who is interested in her personality.

Her walking, talking doll looks have amassed her thousands of online followers.

However she claims that her striking appearance and Barbie-inspired outfits often come under fire from total strangers - and her striking looks mean that men become 'obsessed' without getting to know her.

As a child, Hannah was very shy. She recalls feeling unattractive and not having the confidence to experiment with fashion.

Hannah, who has two sisters, says: ‘Growing up, I was painfully shy and self-conscious about my appearance. I thought I was ugly and lanky.’

However, when Hannah started university in Sheffield in 2013, classmates began commenting on her resemblance to a human doll.

Hannah then began to embrace her 'human Barbie' appearance and began dressing up in doll-like clothes. She now spends up to three hours per day getting ready and also wears enormous contact lenses to imitate the blank gaze of a doll.

Hannah's living, breathing Barbie looks mean she gets attention everywhere she goes.

In spite of the unwanted hassle she receives, Hannah was eager to show off her human Barbie looks to the world and last year, when she started to upload pictures online of her posing in doll-like outfits on social media.

Her unusual looks won her over 18,000 Instagram followers who now worship her as the embodiment of perfection.

Hannah, who receives fan mail on a daily basis, said: ‘I always respond back to fan mail. I've heard some of the other living dolls don't reply back to their followers but I always make an effort, no matter how busy I am.

Although Hannah boasts thousands of adoring admirers, she says her doll-like beauty is ruining her love life. Via