Shocking photograph shows the moment anorexic broke her ribs as she jumped into her boyfriend`s arms


This is the agonising moment an teenage anorexic broke her ribs while jumping into her boyfriend's arms.

Georgia McGrath, 18, weighed just five stone when her ribs fractured as she went in for a hug while a friend took a photograph.

Miss McGrath, from Hull, East Yorkshire, had lost half of her 10 stone body weight after developing anorexia .

She lived off 100 calories a day, causing her weight to plummet and leaving her with a frail, skeletal frame.

She said doctors had warned her she was malnourished and vulnerable but said she couldn't see it at the time.

It was only after posing for the picture with boyfriend Ashton Benton, 25, and her family's horrified reaction that she sought the help she needed.

Miss McGrath said the anorexia started after someone at school called her fat.

From there her weight loss spiralled out of control as she went to the gym every day desperately trying burn off any calories she had eaten.

She said her illness caused her to miss a lot of college and she needed the support of a tutor just to help her walk.

In August 2014 she was rushed to the hospital after suffering from stroke-like symptoms that were caused by her starving herself.