This Woman is Deliberately Lowering Her IQ to Become ‘Brainless’ Like Barbie


On the outside, Blondie Bennett looks no more plastic than the average “Real Housewives” cast member. But this 38-year-old California woman is on a quest to be the most plastic of them all.

Blondie, who’s not a Fake Real Housewife but may as well be, has had multiple surgeries to look as much like Barbie as possible. As far as she’s concerned, there’s only one step left: becoming totally brainless.

Since it’s impossible to live without a brain, Bennett is using hypnotherapy to lower her IQ.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a joke.

“I just want to be the ultimate Barbie. I actually want to be brainless,” Blondie told Barcroft TV. “I don’t like being human, if that makes sense… Natural is boring… I would love to be like, completely plastic.” Via ryot.org