Brazilian `Human Barbie` claims her doll-like features are REAL (10 pics)


A Brazilian woman who has been likened to a 'human Barbie' claims her appearance is natural and she hasn't had plastic surgery or starved herself to be thin.

Andressa Damiani, from Blumenau, who has a 20-inch waist and wears a 32F bra size, boasts the same facial features as a doll - including huge eyes and long legs.The 23-year-old has found fame in her native country with passers-by on the street calling her 'Elsa' because of her resemblance to the character in Disney's Frozen.

However, her striking looks have also divided the Brazilian public – Andressa claims that she is so scarily doll-like that she sometimes frightens people on the street.She said: 'People don't believe me when I say I have never had any plastic surgery and they think I starve myself because I'm so thin. They call me a liar.