Glowing pigs: Chinese pensioner shocked to see meat she bought from butchers Iilluminating in the dark


The woman - surnamed Mou - said she bought 11lbs worth of pork from her local farmers market in Dazhou city on January 15 and saw it illuminating after the nightfall.

The shocked pensioner kept the meat for four days and asked her granddaughter to take pictures of the unusual sight .

According to the report, when Ms Mou purchased the pork, she took it home and put it in a bowl ready to be salted.

She first saw it glowing it at night when she got up to go to the bathroom. The blue illuminated meat coming from the kitchen gave her a fright.

Ms Mou recalls going to the Tianhe Farmers Market with her neighbour - a 68-year-old woman called Wang - and together they bought 22lbs worth of meat, each spending 155 Yuan (£17) on their produce.

When she took it back four days later, she told the butcher that she saw the pork glowing in the dark.

The butcher told her there was nothing wrong with the quality of the meat and he was willing to bet her 1,000 Yuan (£107).

Ms Mou gave the picture to a local news reporter who came to her house to check the pork.

The reporter noted that in daylight, the pork looked perfectly fine, but when they took it to a dim room it was glowing blue.

Her granddaughter checked online what it could be and they discovered that the meat was unfit for human consumption.

Staff from the Dazhou Food and Drug Safety Hotline said the pork could have a phosphorus-containing food additive inside it, and the blue glow could have been caused by phosphorescent bacteria contamination.

Phosphorus additives can be used to make food last longer. For example, phosphate salts are added to meats to extend the shelf life.

Although phosphorus additives are harmless to humans, it is not wise to eat the meat if it is glowing blue.It is unclear what happened to the butcher, or if Ms Wou was given her 1,000 Yuan for winning the bet and proving him wrong. Via