World's 7 most curious Anti-Rape inventions


1. The Anti-Rape Underwear

A group of students in India have come up with the ‘SHE Anti-rape underwear’ in response to the alarming increase in rapes in the country.

Short for Society Harnessing Equipment, SHE is actually a vest that is fitted with an electric sensor circuit and a GPS system.

When activated via a remote held by the wearer, the vest can be electrically charged and would send out a staggering 3800kV electric current through the perpetrator’s body, enough to immobilize him for minuteswhile the victim grabs the chance and makes a run for it.

The vest can also send distress signals to the nearest police station and can provide details of the wearer’s whereabouts to the police.

2. Hairy Stockings

Deemed essential for every women going out, the The Super Sexy Summertime Anti-Pervert Full Leg of Hair Stockings look just like normal leg tights, except that they are covered from top to bottom in hideous hair that almost gives of the impression of hairy, unkempt legs.

The designer believes that these hairy leg tights would immediately put off potential rapists and perverts who would literally run away at the sight of such ghastly legs.

3. Anti-Rape Buckle

A group of Swedish teenage girls has designed a belt that requires two hands to remove and which they hope will deter would-be rapists.

The military-style buckle has a latch that the wearer has to move through a labyrinth into the correct position in order to unlock the belt.

4. The Genital Armour

Designed to chase away a potential rapist at first sight, the armour is literally impenetrable, andis made out of a bit of every kind of threatening device out there, including padlocks, steel plates, hypodermic needles, electrodes and razors.

The armour’s designer Ira Sherman built the device after consulting rape victims, and claims that it is impenetrable.

5. FemDefence Tampon

Anita Ingmarsdotter, a Swedish woman, has patented an anti-rape device called FemDefence.  The FemDefence is an anti-rape device that would most likely give rapists the most painful experience ever.

The device looks like a standard tampon which can be inserted into the vagina. While the end that goes into the vagina is blunt, the end that is poking out would contain a sharp needle like pin which would prick the rapist’s penis during the rape. 

The needle has been designed in such a way that the wearer goes unharmed while the rapist would most probably develop a fear of raping anyone ever again.

6. Rape-Axe Condom

Invented by Dr. Sonette Ehlers, the Rape-Axe, a female condom that can become every rapist’s nightmare.
Inserted into the vagina like a tampon, the Rape-Axe would have razor sharp hooks in its inner lining which would bite down hard on the rapist’s penis in the event of forcible penetration.  And in addition to fixing itself painfully onto the rapist’s private parts, the Rape Axe would cause serious injury, and would require medical help in order to be removed.

7. The Injector

The Injector," features two pneumatic syringes which inject tattoo dye and sedatives into a rapist.  This stops the sexual predator instantaneously, and permanently tattoos him for positive identification.  Ira Sherman got inspiration for the anti-rape devices comes from interviews he had with five victims of sexual assault who were trying to regain a sense of physical safety.