Justin Jedlica had his first plastic surgery at 18, hasn't stopped since.


JUSTIN Jedlica was the oldest child in a strict Catholic household, where the boys were supposed to be into sports and cars just like their dad.

But Justin was more enamoured of the arts, luxury and celebrity - a fascination that sculpted the young man's views of beauty.

With idols like Michael Jackson and Michaelangelo's David, it's little wonder his interests led him to the surgeon's knife.

When Justin was 17, he asked his parents to let him get a nose job but they refused. So four days after his 18th birthday, he got it done anyway.

About 128 procedures later, Jedlica isn't done. So how did a teenager afford plastic surgery? He saved up for it, of course.

You might think he looks like a walking Ken doll or a cartoon character, but that's a compliment to Justin. Jedlica now works as a plastic surgery consultant, referring people to suitable doctors and making suggestions about the most suitable procedures. Via