Facebook Thumb To Be Retired, New Facebook Like Button Coming Soon


Did you know that the Facebook Like and Share buttons are seen more than 22 billion times every day and embedded on 7.5 million websites?

Pretty impressive you have to agree. Facebook has released these figures, along with the announcement that it is giving the online icons a makeover.

The biggest difference that you will notice straight away is that the iconic thumb has disappeared from the Like button. It will now feature in the dialogue box above the button that shows you how many Likes a post or page has.

The redesigned button will now show the Facebook “f” logo rather than the thumb. The colour scheme has also been changed, it will be white on blue instead of blue on white.

According to Peter Yang, a product manager at Facebook, the reason for the change is to optimize the look for high-resolution screens.

Facebook’s blog post announcing the change said that users will start to see the new icons feature on the 7.5 million websites as the company starts to roll it out over the coming weeks.