Justin Bieber's new crush in Brazil: Selena Gomez' look-a-like


Pop idol Justin Bieber gazes dreamily at a pretty Brazilian teenager he is said to have become 'besotted with' after meeting her in a nightclub - 'because she looked like his ex, Selena Gomez'.

The Canadian heart-throb reportedly told staff at the Zax Club he wanted to take the girl back to his rented Rio de Janeiro mansion because 'she looks just like Selena'.

Biber picked the girls who would be allowed into the VIP area individually, according to the manager. And, despite inviting 30 girls back for a private party, he hardly left 18-year-old Fernanda Paes' side, even leaving the club with the girl underneath the same blanket as him.

It's claimed he chose Paes above all the other girls in the club because she bore an uncanny resemblance to Bieber's ex Selena Gomez