Top 5 Fantasies that Women Want Men to Know


Let’s face it. Everyone daydreams about sex at some point or another. And there’s nothing wrong in sexual fantasies. In fact experts say that sexual daydreams are quite normal.  Here are the top 5 sexual fantasies that are most common among women, what they mean and say about men..

Sex with your partner: Yes, as boring and normal as that sounds, many women get turned on by the thought of a steamy session they shared with their lover or want to share in the future. What it means? That getting intimate with your partner is a big turn on!

Being dominated: If you daydream about being submissive in the bedroom, it doesn’t mean that you’re weak. Fantasising about this allows you to think about engaging in sexual stuff that may otherwise seem too taboo. It can also signify a desire for a loss of control or freedom from responsibility.

Sex with another man: Daydreaming about sex with someone who is not your partner — could be a stranger, a friend or a celebrity — doesn't mean that you’ve lost interest or are unsatisfied in your real lover. It simply means you're excited by new experiences and enjoy the thrill of being with someone new.

Having a threesome: One of the most common sexual fantasies, you’ll be surprised at the number of women who dream about a ménage à trois. If you see yourself in bed with two men, it means you enjoy attention being lavished on you — you like being doted on and even fought over. If you daydream about yourself and your man in a steamy scene with another woman, it says that the idea of another woman finding your guy attractive turns you on.

Getting intimate with another woman: This doesn’t mean you’ve changed your sexuality, it simply means that you’re open-minded about pleasure and appreciate it.