World's first 'thinking' prosthetic leg


An amputee who lost his leg to bone cancer has shown off the revolutionary artificial knee that has changed his life.
David Jonsson, 19, said the world's first motorised prosthetic gave him a 'thinking' leg that created a natural walk by following the motions of his body.
It is designed to feel part of the body and moves itself rather than requiring the user to do it.

Mr Jonsson, who lost his leg to bone cancer a year ago, said: 'The motor gives you more control over the knee, it allows you to mimic the natural gait more easily.
'Also because it is powered it can compensate for muscle loss and helps me up stairs or to get up from a chair as well as walking on flat ground

The battery-powered device uses cutting edge bionic technology to adapt to a person's stride, speed and the type of ground and can help prevent stumbles.
It was developed by the Icelandic company Ă–ssur, was launched at London's Science Museum. It is already used by the German Health Service as well as private health care providers in Europe.

A spokesman said: 'The Power Knee offers above-knee amputees an opportunity for true rehabilitation for the first time.
'The knee encourages users to become more active and take on activities that they may otherwise prefer to avoid.