America's oldest mother, 78, reveals why every day is a blessing for her


They say children keep you young - and it's definitely the case for Arceli Keh.
America's oldest 'mom' is now 78 but still finds the energy to hang out at the mall with her teen daughter and sing Justin Bieber songs.

She draws the line at theme parks though.

Arceli was 63 when she had her baby Cynthia 14 years on and has revealed she has no regrets.
The infant weighed 6lbs 4oz and was conceived via IVF, 14 years after Arceli went through the menopause.

'I prayed every day of my life for Cynthia, and I’m so grateful she’s in the world. 'I try to spend as much time with her as possible.
'We go to the mall, and sometimes my husband goes to the movies with her.'
Arceli, 78, joked she even sang along to Justin Bieber songs.
She and her husband Isagani, 75, live off retirement benefits and are careful about what they spend.

She said Cynthia wanted to get a part-time job so she had her own money and could help out at home when she is old enough.
Cynthia said: “I don’t really notice my parents’ age. There are some things they can’t do, like going to theme parks, because there’s a lot of walking involved.