Student 'died of broken heart after learning of friend's death'


A student who spent years battling a double life-threatening condition died of a broken heart just hours after hearing that a close friend had also passed away, her mother said.

Yasmina Sugliano, a promising creative arts student, was in hospital being treated for a chest infection when she was given the news that her friend Portia Jones had died.
Yasmina Sugliano
Yasmina Sugliano
The 25-year-old, who had battled with cystic fibrosis and a heart condition since childhood, is said to have drifted into unconsciousness and died herself a few hours later.
According to her mother, Kay, who was at her bedside, her grief at the news may have affected her heart, triggering a dangerously irregular heartbeat which killed her in the early hours of Friday morning.
Despite being in hospital she had hoped to be well enough to attend a music festival and even set off on a Caribbean holiday.
Mrs Sugliano said that the two young women had become close through their shared battles with cystic fibrosis, the incurable genetic condition in which mucus builds up in the lungs and other organs.