Top Google Search of 2014


People daily search for all kinds of crazy things on Google. Just a quick search of “weirdest Google searches” will bring you up quite a curious list if you ever want to view them for yourself. Towards the end of a year, though, it can be a worthwhile experience to see what some of the top Google searches for the pervious year were. A lot of things happened in 2014 – the riots in Ferguson, Mo, the continuing threat of ISIS, all the trouble with Russia and Ukraine, the Ebola outbreak, etc. It wasn’t hard to find newsworthy happenings throughout 2014. So, at the end of the year, what was the most popular trending search on Google? It was none other than Robin Williams, the comic legend who passed away on August 11th.

I have to admit I contributed to that search trend, as the late actor was one of my all-time favorite actors. It didn’t matter if I was watching him in a comedy, a drama, or whatever; Robin Williams just lit up the screen, and I honestly felt a little sadness when he died, almost as if some kind of a long-lost uncle had died who I didn’t get to see all that often. My guess is, based on the Google search history, that a lot of people probably felt something like that.

 Via cnet.com