Funny Anagrams


An anagram is a re-arrangement of a word, phrase, or sentence into a different one by using all the letters of the original sentence and without repeating any of the letters.
Take a look at these ones:
A decimal point = I’m a dot in place
Dormitory = dirty room
Vacation times = I’m not as active
A gentleman = elegant man
Snooze alarms = Alas, no more Z’s
Conversation = voices rant on
Desperation = a rope ends it
Debit card = bad credit
Eleven plus two = twelve plus one
The detectives = detect thieves
The Morse code = Here come dots!
George Bush = He bugs Gore
William Shakespeare = I am a weakish speller (or) I’ll make a wise phrase
Elvis Aaron Presley = Seen alive? Sorry pal!
Chairman Mao = I am on a march
Clint Eastwood = Old West action
Listen = silent
School master = the classroom
Christmas tree = search, set, trim
Slot machine = cash lost in ‘em
Statue of Liberty = built to stay free
The public art galleries = Large picture halls, I bet
Election results = Lies- let’s recount
Slot Machines = Cash Lost in ‘em
Mother-in-law = Woman Hitler
The Public Art Galleries = Large Picture Halls, I Bet
The Earthquakes = That Queer Shake
Coins kept = In pockets
The countryside = No city dust here.