Paedophile teacher drugged and molested 90 kids over 42 years - including some recently at London school


A paedophile teacher roamed the world molesting a string of young schoolboys over a 42-year period.William Vahey targeted at least 90 children, including Brits, aged 12 to 14 during his sickening spree.

The 64-year-old pervert drugged the youngsters before pouncing.But police fear the number could be higher as sordid images of his victims found on a memory stick he owned only go back to 2008.

It could be the worst ever case of paedophilia involving a teacher.Vahey worked at the private Southbank International School in London from 2009 to last year and today its chair of governors Sir Chris Woodhead confirmed some of the victims were pupils there.

American national Vahey, who was found dead last month, taught history and geography.The FBI said Vahey killed himself two days after investigators filed a warrant to search a computer thumb drive belonging to him containing pornographic images of at least 90 boys aged from 12 to 14, who appeared to be drugged and unconscious.

Former Ofsted chief inspector Sir Chris said the independent school was working with the FBI to identify which of the children in the images were from the school.He said: “Everyone at the school is deeply shocked by what we heard on Tuesday.“Our two priorities now are to communicate as much information as we have as quickly as we can, and to help the police as much as we can in what is now an international police inquiry into the activities of this man.”

Sir Chris said parents at the school, which teaches pupils aged from three to 18, were very concerned.He said the fact that Vahey was able to teach there and at other schools despite having a conviction for a child sex offence in California in 1969 “beggars belief”.

But he added that Vahey had an “immaculate record” and had never given any staff at the school any cause for concern.“He was a very popular man, both with staff and students,” he said. “He has managed to deceive his colleagues in schools all around the world for 30 years."

Sir Chris said that Vahey mainly taught pupils aged between 11 and 14 but also took students out on trips.Earlier, he told Sky News he felt physically sick when he heard the news, adding: “This is the worst thing that I’ve ever been involved in in 40 years of education.”

Sir Chris said a meeting was due to be held at the school early next week which was due to be attended by police and investigators.