Illinois woman Sues after husband killed by angry Swan


The wife of an Illinois man who drowned after a brutal swan attack is suing the condo complex where he tended the birds.

Amy Hensley claims the vicious assault in Des Plaines "caused or contributed to" the death of her husband Anthony.

And she blames the Bay Colony Drive complex, where it occurred, Hillcrest Property Management and his bosses at Knox Swan and Dog for not realizing the danger he was in.

In a lawsuit filed against the trio last week, she said: "The presence of the mute swans on the premises rendered it unreasonably dangerous."

And she claimed “(The defendants) knew or should have known that mute swans are strongly territorial with a dangerous propensity to attack."

Anthony Hensley was tending to the birds used to keep geese away from a kayak when one of the birds attacked.

Thrown into the water, he struggled to stay afloat as the swan continued to attack.

He was soon found and pronounced dead after being taken to hospital.