Four Reasons Why Men Leave Women


Couples break up all the time. Since you are reading this, it’s probably just happened to you and you are looking for answers to the question “Why do men leave women?” You are in the right place! Understanding the reasons why men leave women is the first step towards hopefully getting your ex back. You are worlds ahead of most people going through a break up.Men and women end their relationships for different reasons.

It’s often confusing trying to understand the situation, especially with men. Men have a knack for saying one thing and meaning another. Often there is more to the story than is being said. Men usually don’t out and out lie about the reason for the break up – they just don’t give you the whole picture. Yes, men can be dogs, but often they are just trying to keep away from hurting your feelings.

Let’s look at some of the main reasons why men leave women:

1. Men leave women when they no longer feel the relationship is giving them what they need. When you first got together you probably did an amazing job of letting your man know that he was admired and appreciated. Men want to be wanted. It’s an ego thing. When he longer feels wanted, needed or admired, a man will often check out of a relationship.

2. Men leave when they feel they are being used. Taking advantage of a man’s good nature or strong work ethic or ability to provide nice things can be a sure killer of a good relationship. Using him for what he’s worth is a severe no no. It is a simple but powerful truth: men want to be respected.

3. Men leave when nagging is the norm. Ever watch The Amazing Race? There is a couple competing this season where the wife does nothing but nag, nag, nag. It is no wonder they are separated! A lot of men have little patience. Nagging your man can push him over the edge and make him leave.

4. Men leave because of lake of sexual activity.It is very true that men can often bring on this problem on themselves. Because men are more easily sexually satisfied than women, they sometimes don’t do a good job of taking the time and effort to become a good lover. Selfish love making can ruin a relationship. Quantity can become more important than quality. My advice is to just be honest with yourself about your role in regard to the sexual activity and do your best to address this area if the situation should arise.