World's loneliest schoolboy


At the start of the school day, teacher Lia Tsiklauri takes the register. But the morning task is over in a flash - because there's only one name to tick off.Bacho Tsiklauri, nine, is the only pupil at the primary school in the remote mountain gorge village of Makarta, Georgia, 62 miles north of the capital Tbilisi.
He is one of only four children in the village, which is home to about 30 people. The older children, including his brother Dato, attend a high school in a nearby village two miles away.

Reuters photographer David Mdzinarishvili travelled along 12 miles of dirt track through the Gudamakari gorge, which separates Makarta from the rest of Georgia, to meet Bacho.
The journey through the gorge took as long as it did to cover 50 miles on the main road.

He found a village of abandoned houses left behind by those who have left Makarta for better opportunities in more developed areas of the country.The young boy wakes early and prepares breakfast at about 7am before doing homework with the help of his mother Lela Machkhashvili, 39.