Sex Scandal and CEOs


Harry Stonecipher, Boeing

Harry Stonecipher submitted his resignation upon request of the Boeing Board of Directors on March 6, 2005, due to an improper relationship with Boeing executive Debra Peabody. Boeing said an internal investigation revealed a "consensual" relationship between Stonecipher and the female executive that "would impair his ability to lead the company"

John Browne, BP

In 2010, BP PLC`s Chief Executive John Browne resigned, hours after a judge allowed a newspaper to publish allegations from a former boyfriend that the executive misused company resources.Browne was accused of using BP computers and staff to help Chevalier, of using support staff to set up and then wind down a company Browne created for him to run, and sending a senior BP employee on a personal errand to deliver cash to him.

Steven J Heyer, Starwood Hotels

In 2007, Steven J Heyer, the CEO of Starwood Hotels (an American hotel and leisure company), was ousted by the hotel company`s board amid allegations that he had sent ‘inappropriate and suggestive e-mails and text messages’ to a female employee. He also had an "inappropriate physical encounter" with a woman outside a restaurant restroom.

Mark Hurd, Hewlett-Packard (HP)

In 2010, Hewlett-Packard Co CEO Mark Hurd unexpectedly resigned after a sexual harassment probe found he had a "close personal relationship" with an HP contractor who received improper payments

David Davidar, Penguin Books Canada

In 2010, David Davidar, the CEO of Penguin Books Canada, was asked to leave the company after a sexual harassment complaint by a former director of the company, Lisa Rundle. She had accused him of harassing her for three years with a flood of "inappropriate e-mails and text messages" and then assaulting her at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Jang Suk Woo, Open World Entertainment

In 2012, Jang Suk Woo, the CEO of Open World Entertainment (an entertainment agency), was charged with sexual assault against female trainees in his agency and was sentenced to six years in prison. Since the end of 2010, the CEO sexually harassed six trainees over 10 times. He was charged with rape and violation of child protection laws.

Mark McInnes, David Jones

Mark McInnes, the CEO of David Jones (Australian department store chain), was terminated after a female staff member filed a sexual harassment complaint. "As a chief executive officer and as a person I have a responsibility to many, and today I formally acknowledge that I have committed serious errors of judgment and have inexcusably let down the female staff member. I have also let down my partner, my family, all my staff, the board and our shareholders. I apologise to everyone I have let down,” he said in a statement.