Bride Wears Dress Made With 99,999 Pearls


Peng Yu aged 58, runs a pearl company in Beihai, southern China’s Guangxi Province. He has applied to the British World Guinness Office for a very romantic and special world record for the dress made with the most pearls.

Although the people at Guinness have probably seen just about everything, considering the wedding gown not only took a year to complete but was also decorated with 99,999 pearls indicates that Peng might have a very good chance of winning!

The number nine is no accident to those who might wonder, why not 100,000 pearls? The way the number nine is pronounced in Chinese is the very same as the words, “long-term” or “forever.”

Peng’s first wife died years ago and his new bride, Yang Pingzhi, was overwhelmed with her groom’s love and generosity.
“Two years ago, when Yang agreed to marry me, I started to think what surprise I should give her?”

A Hong Kong designer created the dazzling gown, and Peng bought 99,999 light water pearls to adorn its body and edges. The pearls were sewn on, one by one, with the help of seven friends of the bride, a task which took one year alone to complete.
The wedding gown weighs nine kilos (about 18 pounds).

If finances ever get tight for the couple, the pearls on the dress might offer some economic solace, one at a time.