14 Unique Restaurants Serving You Food In A Ridiculous Way


Food just tastes better when it's brought to you in an interesting way. These places totally get it.

1. D.S. Music Restaurant

The name might suggest a music theme, but in fact it's decked out like a hospital with nurse waitresses and all. They're so into the theme, they serve their liquor in an IV.

2. Yo! Sushi

Here the food is delivered by the iTray, a device that travels by air, at 25 miles per hour.

3. C1 Espresso


Forget waiters. At this cafe they deliver food via pneumatic tube.

4. A380 InFlight

You might have a little more leg room than you do on an airplane, but at this restaurant you can still expect to have your food delivered by cart.

5. Devil Island Prison Restaurant

They do not employ "normal" waiters here, instead they put their prisoners to good use.

6. Toilet Restaurant

Everything here is toilet shaped...including the food.

7. Dinner in The Sky

The wait staff here might be a bit traditional, if you think it's normal to dine 150 feet in the air, with only glass beneath your feet.

8. Taco Bell

Taco Bell is the one behind the mysterious TacoCopter, a drone that will (hopefully one day) deliver your tacos.

9. Ninja New York


Ninjas sneak past you to take and deliver your order.

10. Le Refuge des Fondue in Paris

Here your wine is brought to you in an actual baby bottle.

11. Fritz Railroad Restaurant

Your food will be delivered by rail service at this fine establishment.

12. 'S Baggers

Your food is prepared in the kitchen (above you) and sent down on these clever tracks.

13. Kayabuki Tavern

The wait staff here are monkeys. Actual monkeys will deliver your food.

14. Dalu Robot Restaurant

Your food will be brought out to you by this golden (robotic) staff.