Brazilian artist creates dresses made of condoms


Artist and social activist Adriana Bertini launched a new range of her trademark dresses made entirely out of used condoms at the International AIDS Conference in Melbourne as a way of raising awareness of safe sex.

And the work of the Brazilian-based designer – who calls herself an ‘artvist’ – is not just hastily thrown together to make a statement, with some of her dresses even making it to the catwalk.

Adriana’s Condom Couture collection includes impressive creations that show incredible attention to detail as well as variety, despite being entirely made of unused or defective contraceptives.

(Picture: Adriana Bertini/Facebook)
The ‘artvist’ also runs workshops where she teaches others her craft (Picture: Adriana Bertini/Facebook)
‘She transforms into art and awareness the material that would be destined to incineration,’ reads an excerpt on her website.

‘Creatively preserving man’s individuality, her work has the objective of wide spreading the use of the condom in the manner of art, creating a new form of thinking in the people in order that they become aware of the reality in situations of risk in the face of HIV.’

Adriana also runs workshops where she teaches students how to cut, dye and sew condoms into wearable clothing while breaking down taboos about sexual health.

Source Metro