The Origin of the Albanian Flag


Colors of the Albanian Flag, the Archangel Theory 

This theory suggests that the Albanian flag is related to an ancient religion which the Illyrians were associated with. To better understand this theory, you should read a little bit about the ancient Illirian religions, especially the cults associated with the two most sacred birds, the Eagle and the Archangel.

The colors of the Albanian flag are red and black, and a two headed eagle located in the center of the flag. We all know what the two headed eagle stands for but no one knows for sure why it is red and black. 

The Eagle = Shqiponja hence the name of modern Albania, Shqiperija, it is believed to be worshiped by the Illyrians as the god of war. It is also believed that Alexander the Great was the first one to use the double-headed eagle, but there is nothing that proves that Alexander himself carried the double-headed eagle on his armor. What is suggested is that a group of warriors from the northern tribes who had joined Alexander’s army, the Illyrians were the one that carried the double headed eagle, which could explain how the symbol ended up in Sirkap, today Pakistan, and other places that Alexander had originally concurred.

Ancient Illyrians believed in some interesting ancient cults. A religion made out of multiple gods. Two of their most sacred ones were: Angjelusha Ilire Engjuli God of Peace and the Eagle Shqiponja God of War. 

Angjellusha Ilire Archangel also known as the Holy Bird is a sacred bird believed to have been worshiped by Illyrians years before the Christ. This bird is found only in the Illyrian occupied territories, modern Albania and Kosovo. The scientific name of the bird comes from the Greek language around 100 AD, they called it Columba Ilyrica []. 

This bird has some distinct characteristics which are the reasons why it was worshiped by the ancient Illyrians. The bird flies at high altitudes which cannot be seen with the naked eye and it stays up in the sky for hours. The ancient Illyrians believed that the bird was up there communicating with the gods, in particular the god of SUN, Ellil = Dielli []in ancient Illyrian, which they also worshiped.

How is this related to the flag? This bird is unique because it has been preserved genetically by the ancient Illyrians and worshiped as one their god for thousands of years and it is Red and Black. 

Those who created the Albanian flag, whether it is Skanderbeg or others before him clearly understood our ancient religion and they have documented all. 

“Our Religion is SHQIPTARIA”, in Albanian “ Feja Jon eshte SHQIPARIA” Pashko Vasa , a documented phrase that suggest that we clearly had a religion long before the Christ. This phrase is also documented in other ancient text.

The Flag according to my findings represents the two most sacred gods that Illyrians believed on, Red and Black Engjellusha Ilire Archangel God of Peace, and The Eagle God of War.

Credits to Burim Istogu