Life is a Journey Not a Destination


Friends, I have always wondered what life is all about.

Is it about the things that we aspire? That life is simply about our quest for personal success, fame and prosperity.

Or is it about the people around us? That is - we live to be the keeper of our family, our country and our fellow human beings.

Is life about what would make us feel good? That life is about the pursuit for pleasure, peace of mind, happiness, freedom, recognition or love.


is it about keeping our Divine faith? That life on earth is temporal and all the things that we do here are meant to serve God to gain eternal life.
But maybe life is all about all of these.

If it is, then to live a full life becomes a very tall order given our everyday encounter with failure, enmity, frustration, temptation, our individual frailties, and even inevitable events.

The way life is lived depends not only upon ourselves but also on the people and the conditions, foreseen and unforeseen, around us.

If life then is a journey, very few would obviously reach their destination. Maybe that’s why there is an "IF" at the center of life as a constant reminder that life is something we must endure and survive.

For me, life is not really about reaching my ultimate pre-determined destination because at the end of the day, I may not reach it, after all.

Life, for me, consists of the bits and pieces of things and events, big or small-good or bad, that come along my way in the course of my journey.

Over the years, I learned that life is not much about reaching the destination. It is about how I carry on the journey that matters.

In the course of my voyage, I realized that I only need to know, carry and keep in mind a few things that really matter because there is always sense in traveling light. And from this perspective, I realized the beauty of my journey in this world called LIFE................

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