The Murder of Betty Hudson


The body of Betty Hudson was found, having been shot three times, in her home of Prentiss, Mississippi, . She was discovered by firemen who had been summonded to a house fire. To date, no one has been arrested for her brutal murder.

This 10-year old cold murder case is going to be discussed at the Homicide Cold Case Symposium in Gulfport, MS, in hopes that other's within the field may bring something new to the case that will support an arrest and conviction.

Investigators have recovered the bullets and matched them to a murder that happened in Vicksburg, MS, some months later.

Betty Hudson, a prominent Jefferson Davis County woman, had no known enemies. She was a member of the Mississippi Federation of Women's Club/GFWC - Twentieth Century Club of Prentiss, Mississippi, dedicated to civic activities and her church and described as "kind and gracious to everyone".

So how did she end up murdered? Betty was shot twice in the chest and once in the back of the head. On April 20, 1998, her body was found in her fire-damaged brick home just outside the city limits on Highway 42 East. It has been determined by Law Enforcement that the fire was likely set in an attempt to cover the crime or destroy evidence.

Surviors include her husband, Woodley Hudson, a local businessman and pharmacist; two sons, Phil and Jeffrey; one grandchild and her brother-in-law, Joey Hudson, former pharmacist and recently unseated member of the House of Representative for the State of Mississippi.

Her case is considered a "cold case" but there have been recent hints that the case will be reevaluated by the media and by the investigators.