Myths about eugenics


Eugenics is the bio-social movement which advocates practices to improve the genetic composition of a population, usually a human population.

It is a social philosophy advocating the improvement of human hereditary traits through the promotion of higher reproduction of more desired people and traits, and reduced reproduction of less desired people and traits

Myth 1:Eugenics was created in Germany.

In fact, the name, "eugenics" was created by Francis Galton, an Englishman. Eugenics in the United States was popular decades before its popularity in the United States.Alfred Ploetz introduced eugenics in Germany, using the United States as his example of laws to be enacted in Germany.

Myth 2:Eugenics became part of law, first in Nazi Germany.

In fact, the first eugenic law wewe enacted in the United States, decades before Third Reich.Soviet Union created its first eugenics association, more than 15 years before the Third Reich's creation.

Myth 3:Eugenics had just a type

In fact, every country and even political situation had its own eugenics.

Myth 4:Eugenics had great opposition from the Jews

In fact, no other religious group gave so many support to eugenics, as the Jews. Even famous rabbi such as Stephen S. Wise were eugenicists.There were three international congress of eugenics.On the second of these congress, the president was a Jew  Alexander Graham Bell.Until the creation of Third Reich, in 1933, eugenics was also very supported by famous German Jews such as: Paul Warburg, Julius Moses, etc.

Myth 5:Nazi Germany was the first country to support eugenics

In fact, the first country to have a national association for eugenics, was the former Soviet Union in January, on year of 1918.This association was leaded by Trotsky, a Jew and communist.

Myth 6: Eugenics was a thing of right-wing

In fact, there were eugenics' supporters from the right and left.Emma Goldman, Julius Moses, Trotsky were famous communists and also famous eugenicists.The popes Pius XI and Pius XII were eugenics' foes and anti-communists.In fact,such as ecology in our times, eugenics was a left's movement.In Brazil, Monteiro Lobato, Júlio Afrânio Peixoto, João Amazonas, Luís Carlos Prestes,etc. were both eugenicists and leftists.In places, such as former Soviet Union and Mexico, eugenics was a left's monopoly.

Myth 7: In United States, eugenics was a thing of "Deep South" and linked to KKK.

In fact, american eugenics began in north states.Connecticut enacted the first law about eugenics in 1896 and Indiana enacted the first eugenic sterilization law of the world, in 1907.In number of eugenic sterilizations, american state of California did more eugenic sterilizations, than all american states of south combined.The Ku Klux Klan wasn't existing, when eugenics was enacted in United States.In fact, eugenics in the United States had far more support from american Jews, than from Ku Klux Klan.

Myth 8:Eugenics was leaded by atheists and opposed by clergy

The clergy of Roman Catholic Church really was against eugenics, from its first day.Even so, eugenics had enormous support from protestant and Jewish clergy.The vast majority of the eugenicists weren't atheists, but religious persons.In any country or state, eugenics was imposed by atheists.Eugenics was enacted by pagans in Japan and Germany.Eugenics was imposed by Jews in former Soviet Union and United States.Eugenics was imposed by protestants in countries such as United States, Sweden, Norway, Denmark,etc.

Myth 9:Eugenics was mainly a thing of dictators

In fact, there were eugenics laws in democracies (Sweden,Norway,etc.) and tyrannies such as Nazi Germany or Soviet Union.Many dictators were against eugenics from its first day.Eugenics was enacted and outlawed both in democracies and tyrannies.

Myth 10:Eugenics is over or very small, since 1939 or 1945.

The closing of Eugenics office on December  1939 and the fall of Third Reich in 1945, didn't doomed eugenics.In fact, eugenics just got new names and disguises  ecology, Malthusian  feminism,etc.