Please arrest me! Woman police officer is inundated with declarations of love from fans


A senior police officer has become an Internet sensation after posting pictures of her toned body online.

Adrienne Kolesza, from Germany, has notched up thousands of followers on her Instagram account, which features her in skimpy fitness gear.

The 31-year-old fitness fan said her bosses have no issues with the revealing photos as long as they are kept decent.

Adrienne, who weighs 10st 2lb, and is 1.73m tall, has also been bombarded with praise on her account which has more than 95,000 followers.

Adrienne posts pictures in form-fitting workout gear and shows her ripped abs in crop tops.

Fans commented on her pictures that they would willingly drive into a speed trap if it meant she would pull them over, while others posted 'please arrest me'.

While RC_Roberto wrote: 'I fell in love with you.'

She was a participant in the Bodybuilding-WM in 2015 in the bikini class, while her day job sees her dealing with accidents, fights and domestic violence cases.

Adrienne works out in the gym five times a week after her shift, training with a 170kg Hip Thrust device.

Adrienne, who says her toned figure was 30 per cent sport and 70 per cent healthy eating, said: 'It helps me work on my backside. Every woman wants to have a nice backside.'

One of her favourite dishes is protein porridge, consisting of egg whites and porridge oats.

She also insisted her bosses have no issue with the photos, as long as they are kept decent, and find her internet fame amusing.

But she added that it was not her style to be photographed naked and she is encouraging women to be fit and healthy.Adrienne, who is in a relationship with a 28-year-old professional swimmer and athlete, said: 'I am mainly aiming my photographs at women, not men.'