Celebrities you won't believe are the same age


Baby-faced Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland is only a few months younger than Kristen Stewart, who turned 24 in April.
OK, so French actress Marion Cotillard is one of the world's great beauties so this is hardly fair on Tara Reid, but the reality is that both ladies are 38 years old.
The cosmetic work that Kim Kardashian has admitted to has made her look polished but less youthful, whereas Zooey Deschanel still looks cute as a button. Both stars wore born in 1980.
The Avengers actor Tom Hiddleston could easily pass for 40, but in reality he's only 33 and the same age as baby-faced cutie Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
You may find it hard to believe, but fresh-faced Amanda Seyfried, 28, is the same age as Lindsay Lohan.
The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence recently turned 24, and she has plenty to celebrate after another successful year. The actress is the same age as 'Fancy' singer Iggy Azalea, who looks decidedly older.
Believe it or not, Harry Potter stars Emma Watson and The Wolf of Wall Street actress Margot Robbie, are both 24.
VIA entertainment.malaysia.msn.com