Never miss a picture perfect moment: Wearable camera monitors Brainwaves to take photos of what you find interesting


If you have ever missed the perfect moment to take a picture, then Japanese researchers could have the answer - a camera that automatically captures whatever you find interesting.

The prototype headset, called a Neurocam, combines a brainwave scanner with an iPhone dock.

This allows it to see what the wearer sees, while a brainwave quantifying algorithm developed by Keio University, Japan, monitors the user's level of interest through a special headband the phone is attached to.

Neurowear admits the current prototype, which straps an iPhone to a user's head, is a little bulky and says it is hopeful it can develop a smaller, more fashionable version. Here, the user seems be be moderately interested in a road, but her interest score is not high enough to record a video clip of the location