Pregnant Woman at 9 Months Posted A CrossFit Photo On Facebook, Insults Ensued


A heavily pregnant mother-of-two has sparked a fierce online debate after she posted pictures of herself lifting weights on Facebook.

Lea-Ann Ellison is two weeks away from giving birth - but far from taking it easy, she's working out harder than ever.

The debate began when Ellison posted a picture of herself lifting a huge weight on the page for CrossFit, an exercise regime she follows, earlier this month.

While some described the image as "beautiful" and praised Ellison for keeping fit, others branded her "plain silly" and even accused her of endangering the health of her unborn child.

And in an interview with Parentdish, Ellison whose two other children are aged 12 and eight, defended the "kick-ass photo of me doing an overhead squat'" and attacked her critics for spouting "garbage'"about pregnant women exercising.