Top 5 Spider Movies of All Time



The 1995 movie "Tarantula," is set in the Arizona desert where a Professor is experimenting with growth hormones trying to come up with a way to increase the food supply for the entire world. Things start to go haywire when the remains of some cattle are found seeming to have been attacked by some large animal. The result is a sometimes comical, sometimes creepy 100-foot beast that has been injected with the growth hormone. The cast rushes to save Arizona as the raging tarantula eats its way through cattle and human beings. This is a spider movie that is as scary as it is funny, and a joy to watch for horror and action fans.


The 2001 movie "Arachnid," takes you away from the human injecting 100-foot spiders and sets you down in Guam, where alien spiders are taking over. When a man is killed by what seems to be a mysterious, but deadly, virus, a crew is sent to the island he lived on to search for a cause. Of course, their plane crashes and they are stuck on the island, only to find out that a virus didn't kill the man after all. The island has been taken over by alien creepy crawlies that take the victims of the plane crash out one by one.


2013 brings moviegoers a new spin on an old tale. Arachnids are back in the movie simply titled "Spiders," and the action and killing is plentiful. The film starts with a Soviet space station crashing into a New York subway tunnel. As New York is coping with the disaster, it's discovered that the explosion may have unearthed a nest of venomous creepy crawlies. As If the eight-legged creatures aren't enough, suddenly they start to mutate, grow huge, and attack the residents of New York. The race is on to save the residents of New York once again, but this time, it's from giant arachnids, not a disaster.

Kingdom of the Spiders

In 1977, "Kingdom of the Spiders," was released starring William Shatner. It became a popular creature feature quickly. Shatner plays a vet named Rick Hansen who is investigating the deaths of various farm animals. He discovers that his town is right in the path of migrating tarantulas that are taking down anything that gets in their way. The movie gets steadily creepier as the residents of the small town realize that they are trapped, the tarantulas are coming, and there is nowhere to run.


When "Arachnophobia," was released in 1990, it quickly got the reputation of being the scariest spider movie of all time; nothing has topped it since. Rumors flew that even people who weren't scared of arachnids became so after watching this movie. The story starts with a large spider from the remote jungles of South America hitching a ride in a crate that is transporting a dead body back to the states. Somehow the creature lands in a small, sleepy town in California and mates with a local arachnid. It's not long before these creepy crawlies have mutant babies that are more venomous than any other eight-legged creature before them. The residents of the sleepy town start to die one by one as the mutant breed tries to take over.