Sex secrets that drive men wild!


When it comes to sex and foreplay, men think differently and so do women. What may work for the goose, may not necessarily work for the gander as well, and so to have sex that is thrilling, memorable and completely au naturale for both, men let women onto their secret fantasies!

Action: Pretend to not want to make-out. Keep your lips closed and clench your legs together.
Effect: Once he notices that you are not kissing him back, he will realise you are up to something. His kiss will become passionate as he will try to pry your mouth open. Fighting for it brings on an exhilarating primal instinct in men.

Action: Have plenty of white tees. Wear them while working with water – watering the garden, washing the dishes and more.
Effect: See-through, wet clothes are a real turn-on for men and they can’t wait to pull them off you.

Action: A woman gliding her lips on the mouth of a bottle – whether it’s water or an aerated drink.
Effect: The sensual caress of her lips on the bottle makes men go weak in the knees and their imagination runs away with them, wishing those lips were on them.

Action: While out shopping, take him along with the clothes you want to try on, into the changing room, especially if you are buying lingerie.
Effect: He’ll love you for thinking on your feet!

Action: Climb into bed looking very innocent, then do wonderfully dirty deeds.
Effect: Looking pure and being devilish is a heady combination and every man’s dream.

Action: Do yoga and let your man watch.
Effect: It can be the most erotic form of foreplay without touching each other.

Action: Kiss the patch of skin in front of his ears.
Effect: It’s an erogenous zone and he will quickly beg you for more.

Action: When your man leans forward to kiss you, hold the back of his neck in your hands.
Effect: It’s a tender move and will definitely bring your bodies closer to each other.

Action: Caress your man’s chest often.
Effect: It’s another erogenous zone. Tantalise him with light, feathery kisses to get the fire burning.

Action: Moan your man’s name during the session.
Effect: It can really turn up the heat!