82-year-old man chokes to death on dentures


An 82-year-old man choked to death last Tuesday after he drank a glass of milk and his dentures slipped down into his throat.

Mr Zhang Qishan's 75-year-old widow told Chinese daily Lianhe Wanbao that she saw him drink half a glass of milk before he suddenly started to make choking sounds and frantically moving his arms.

"I knew he had choked on his dentures. So I urgently asked him to spit his dentures out," Madam Peng Ahchun said.

However, Mr Zhang's face had turned purple by then, and he did not have the strength left to spit it out.

His wife then flew into a panic and ran out of the house to get help from their neighbours, who rushed to the house to help Mr Zhang, only to find him lying motionless on the bed.

By the time the ambulance arrived, Mr Zhang had already passed away.

"Something like that suddenly happening, I was so shocked that I didn't think to use the phone to call for help. I ran to find our Malay neighbours, but came back to find him not moving," Madam Peng said.

She told the Chinese daily that her husband, being advanced in age, suffered from poor health and various medical problems. She said his health had been deteriorating recently, and he had been suffering from a weak heart and shortness of breath.

A month before his death, his appetite started to become worse, and he found it increasingly difficult to swallow solid food. His poor appetite caused his weight to shrink dramatically to just 35kg.