Benefits of “SMOKING”


1.) Your mouth will always carry a “cool” smell; it helps in keeping away the people, who are not “blessed” to stand with us. 

 2.) You can take frequent “Coffee Breaks” in your office without even getting questioned? See, I told you, smokers get an extra respect at every occasion. 

 3.) In winters, smoking increases the chances of you being out-of-home till late nights. (Secret – Smoking keeps you warm from inside). 

 4.) Regular smoking causes blocked throat (filled with thick bulgum); while speaking it acts a halt, this gives “smokers” a little extra time than others to think. 

 5.) Sitting in a jungle or on a wildlife safari. Smokers are at a lower risk of catching malaria; because the smoke acts as a mosquito repellant. 

 6.) Burnt clothes and clothes with “holes from fire” are two best assets that every smoker possesses. It gives a chance to buy new clothes and if not new, than its fashion revolution.

 7.) Long time smoking can make you “impotent”. This will help in the adoption of “unclaimed” children and also you can forego the hard work to manufacture your own. 

 8.) Smokers’ never have “Acidity issues”. A smoke after eating food helps in better digestion.

 9.) There are many people who sell cigarettes to earn living for their families (it’s easy and profitable, because smokers’ are everywhere). So indirectly smokers’ support under-privileged people.