Meet Kaitlyn Leeb, the Three-Breasted Woman From 'Total Recall,' at Comic-Con


She was sensationally revealed in the eagerly awaited trailer when it was released last month.
But actress Kaitlyn Leeb certainly gave fans an eyeful when she appeared in the flesh at Comic Con in San Diego over the weekend.
The brunette, who plays a three-breasted hooker in Len Wiseman's remake of the 1990 classic Total Recall, drew gasps as she showed off her well-endowed chest in a very revealing dress.

The stunning star, who wears a prosthetic third breast in the movie, donned the appendage to promote the film.
The likeness to the real deal was astounding in her barely-there outfit, consisting of a red satin floral dress with a mere strap covering her nipples and an asymmetrical hem.
Leeb's outfit was completed with a red plastic trench coat and some black PVC over-the-knee boots.