Venus Angelic - doll lookalike


A lot of girls enjoy dressing up their dolls, but a 15-year-old London teenager gets her kicks dressing up like her dolls.

She's Venus Angelic and she is becoming the latest Internet cult figure thanks to her bizarre YouTube videos. Angelic teaches viewers how to make themselves look like a ball-jointed doll and offers other strange makeup tips.

"Some people were asking me, 'how do you do your makeup?' and I decided to put a tutorial on YouTube," Angelic told the cast of RightThisMinute, a daily syndicated TV show that focuses on the strangest clips hitting the Internet.

Angelic has been dressing up like her doll for two years and was inspired by a love of Japanese anime culture that started when she lived in Japan for a couple of years, according to RightThisMinute producer Betsy Gessel.