Be A Great Role Model


Show that you value your independence.
Let your children know -- by your words and your actions -- that you don't have to "follow the crowd" but prefer to make your own decisions.

Set a good example when using medications.
Be cautious about how you use prescription drugs and even over-the-counter medicines. Show that you can deal with mild pain or tension without turning to medications. Instruct your child never to take any medication without your permission.

Demonstrate your own sense of self-respect and self-esteem.
Take good care of yourself by following a healthful diet, exercising regularly and making time for relaxation. You'll provide valuable behaviors for your children to imitate (and you'll feel better, too!).

If you drink alcohol, demonstrate responsibility.
Use alcohol in moderation and avoid using excuses for drinking, like having a rough day. How you use alcohol will influence your children, and they will tend to have the same drinking habits you do when they grow up. Never allow children to mix drinks or serve them to guests, and never serve alcohol to children, not even beer or wine.

Share your values with your children.
Don't assume your children know your family's values about drug use and other subjects -- talk about these topics often. Offer guidance to teach your children other important values such as being honest, reliable and responsible.

Be Reliable
Be someone kids can count on. Unfortunately, many kids have experienced being let down by adults. Don't be one of them. If you say you'll do something, do it. No excuses. You'll earn respect and admiration.

Behave ethically
We all have expectations for kid's behavior. Make sure you're holding yourself to the same standard. In your everyday actions, are you honest, fair, compassionate, and tolerant? If not, make a conscious decision to show your kids something better.

Show Kindness and Respect
Kids will notice how you treat other people. Don't use derogatory names or terms, even in fun. That kind of behavior gives kids the idea that it's okay to disrespect others. Go out of your way to model helpful and kind behavior, especially to the elderly, disabled, or others who may need it.

Take Responsibility for Yourself
Don't blame your problems on external factors or other people. When you make a mistake, admit it, and work on fixing it. Kids see too many "role models" in the media who can't take responsibility for what they do wrong. Show them a better option.

Use Good Problem Solving Skills
When dealing with a problem, handle it maturely. Kids watch how you respond to difficult situations, and they take their cues from what they see. They also imitate emotional intensity levels, so keep stress to a minimum by responding to tough times in a calm fashion.