Rape being used to cure Lesbians


Lesbians in South Africa say they are threatened and victimized by men who believe they can "cure" them by raping them.

'Corrective rape' is where men rape lesbians in the belief it can can make them straight.

It is called "corrective rape" - where men force themselves on lesbians, believing it will change their sexual orientation.

The extent of the problem is hard to know as South African police do not compile corrective rape statistics separately from other rape cases.

But human rights groups in the country -- where gay rights are constitutionally protected -- are outraged.

Cherith Sanger, of the Women's Legal Centre in Cape Town, which provides legal support for rape victims who cannot afford good lawyers, said: "We believe that corrective rape warrants greater recognition on the basis that there are multiple grounds of discrimination.

"It's not just about a woman being raped in terms of violence against women, which is bad enough, but it's also got to do with sexual orientation so it's another ground or level of unfair discrimination leveled against lesbians."