Gmail Motion: Control Your Gmail using Kinect For Real!


It’s obvious that Google’s 2010 April Fool’s prank, by changing its famous logo to “Topeka”, isn’t exactly the most brilliant idea that would make everyone’s jaw dropped. In fact, it was criticized by some pundits as something “average”. Anyway, for this year, Big G really made a show by introducing several pranks for their Google service, and one that caught the attention of the whole world is its Gmail Motion service, which is exactly what it sounds like – control your email using human gestures instead of a keyboard.

Here’s a sample.

Actually, this move was something unexpected from the same company that made a mediocre prank last year, and this made everything really special.

For those who are dreaming if this was actually true, sadly, it isn’t and it still only exist in the fantasy world. However, it doesn’t mean some 3rd party developers wouldn’t be interested to try and make this concept a reality – even just a little. And yep, a team on ICT MxR Labs responded with the prank and made something more real.

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